Children’s books written with a purpose by one mom on a mission.


“I could not love these books more. They are so sweet and my boys love them! Sara is so talented. I cannot wait to have more of her books in my home!”

Alex Nelson Dees

About the Author

Sara Lavender Burkhalter is a business woman by day and author by night. However, she is first and foremost a wife and mother. With a background in education and literature, combined with her career as a co-owner of a construction company based out of the southern United States, she’s extremely diverse. She wants her work to speak not only to children, but also more mature readers.

Sara Lavender Burkhalter

Shaping the Future of Our Youth, One Book at a Time.

As parents, foster parents, grandparents, great grandparents, and guardians, we all have a responsibility to our youth. According to research, reading children’s books to our youth has shown increased activation in certain regions of the brain. Reading to children can greatly impact as well their mental health, levels of self-esteem, general knowledge, vocabulary, social skills, and emotional intelligence, which can be linked to their career outlooks. So, the question is, why wouldn’t you read to children? But, let’s not just read any children’s book to them. Let’s fill our children’s minds through children’s books with values that are important and people who are important. What we expose them to in this world helps shape and mold them into the amazing individuals they will grow to become.
Together, we can make a difference in the future of our youth.

Mommy & Me Series

This series is designed with mom in mind. It’s also a tribute to the grandmothers in our lives.

Our Belly Button Love

We all share a special connection with our mother.

When we were in her womb as a baby, we were physically connected to her body by our belly button. After we are born, that connection remains. Even though our bodies are now separated, we still share “Our Belly Button Love.” A gentle, rhyming ode to the love between mother and child; this story is perfect for reading together at bedtime.

Our Belly Button Love

Blue-Collar Worker Series

These books, dedicated to the blue-collar workers of America, give children hope for their future and insight into the exciting opportunities within America’s great working class.

Welding Santa's Sleigh

A young boy awakes to find his father outside welding in the snow. He isn’t working on just any project; he’s welding Santa a new sleigh. It’s up to three generations of welders to save Christmas! May this book light a spark in your heart, reminding you of both the American dream and the Christmas spirit.

Welding Santa's Sleigh

The Sam Series

Sam is my husband’s best friend, my best friend, and our daughter’s most loved animal on earth. We hope this fun series told through the eyes of Sam will warm your hearts and encourage our youth to get outdoors.

Sam's First Dunk Hunt

After lots of training, the day has finally arrived. Sam is anxious to make his grand debut on his first ever duck hunt! He's proud to finally show off his retrieving skills and his owner is beyond proud. “Sam's First Duck Hunt” not only portrays the pure joy and excitement of an incredible first duck hunt for Sam, but also the amazing relationship between man and man's best friend.

Thank you to Haas Outdoors and Rolling Thunder for believing in the mission of this series. It’s truly an honor to incorporate Mossy Oak’s camo and one of Rolling Thunder’s duck calls into this amazing book.

Sam's First Duck Hunt

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