Mommy and Me

This series is designed with mom in mind, as well as a tribute to the grandmothers in our lives. When I became a new mom, I realized that the books that really warmed my heart were few and far between. The phase of a newborn up until adolescence is so incredibly special. Thus, I have written a series for just that: the younger years of a child’s life. A series that portrays the love you have for your child, and a series that also portrays the love and dependency our children have on us as their mother and caretakers. This series is inspired by my own daughter and it is dedicated to the amazing caretakers in this world, whether they be a biological mother, a grandmother, or a caretaker who doesn’t even share the same DNA. You are loved, you are cherished, and you are special. May we raise up a generation of young children to be loving, kind, and passionate.

Books in this series:

Our Belly Button Love

We all share a special connection with our mother.

When we were in her womb as a baby, we were physically connected to her body by our belly button. After we are born, that connection remains. Even though our bodies are now separated, we still share “Our Belly Button Love."

A gentle, rhyming ode to the love between mother and child; this story is perfect for reading together at bedtime.

Our Belly Button Love