Meet Sam. Sam is our beloved Labrador Retriever, who stole our hearts the moment we laid eyes on him. We got our pick of the litter; and when I saw him with that green collar, I knew he was the one. He was a perfect mix of being both playful but chill as a newborn pup. Today, he’s still the same! He is from a great bloodline and is incredibly driven when it comes to retrieving and duck hunting. While I never grew up duck hunting, I did grow up deer hunting and dove hunting in the deep South with my own father. These experiences were by far some of my favorite memories as a child. The journey of the hunt is what made it so special with my own dad.

Today, my husband is an avid duck hunter and I get so excited every year for duck season. My husband’s passion for duck hunting combined with Sam’s love for retrieving moved me to write this series inspired by some of their real events. I dedicate this series of books to all the hunters out there and dog trainers. Today, more than ever, there is a decline in youth hunters. I’m a firm believer in community and relationships. We were created in such a way not to live alone nor live inside all day stuck behind a screen. I also am a firm believer that being outdoors with nature is one of the best medicines you can give a child. When you combine the outdoors with a pet, it makes it even better. I hope that these books will encourage children to form deeper relationships with their dad and others around them. I hope these books will encourage our youth to experience the outdoors more and develop a love for the sport of hunting in a safe manner. Above all, I hope that these books will help children see that there is more to life than just a screen.

It's my pleasure to share with you a glimpse of the joy Sam has brought to our family. He’s my husband’s best friend, my best friend, and our daughter’s most loved animal on earth. I hope this fun series told through the eyes of Sam will warm your hearts, and also encourage our youth to get back outdoors. I hope this series will be the beginning of an era. An era in which we see an increase again in youth hunters.

Books in this series:

Sam's First Duck Hunt

After lots of training, the day has finally arrived. Sam is anxious to make his grand debut on his first ever duck hunt! He's proud to finally show off his retrieving skills and his owner is beyond proud. “Sam's First Duck Hunt” not only portrays the pure joy and excitement of an incredible first duck hunt for Sam, but also the amazing relationship between man and man's best friend.

Thank you to Haas Outdoors and Rolling Thunder for believing in the mission of this series. It’s truly an honor to incorporate Mossy Oak’s camo and one of Rolling Thunder’s duck calls into this amazing book.

Sam's First Duck Hunt