For years in America, some children in school were told that in order to be successful, they had to go to college and earn a four-year degree. I’m so thankful that today, Americans nationwide are starting to see that this is not the case. It takes both blue-collar and white-collar workers to run our great country. I am blessed to have had in my own home growing up a blue-collar working dad, who came from nothing, and risked it all to start his own construction company. Though there were trials, he successfully became a business owner and American entrepreneur as a result of his love for welding.

I also had a mother who is a highly decorated teacher with many awards, and who is also a registered nurse. Her passion for continued education led her to earn four degrees in her lifetime. I’m honored to say I was exposed to a balance of both growing up. Despite one parent being considered a blue-collar worker and the other parent being considered a white-collar worker, they both shared the same two traits: passion for their careers and an unwavering dedication to workforce.

My goal is that this series will continue to challenge the status quo for children’s career paths. My desire is that these books dedicated to the blue-collar workers of America will give children hope for their future and insight into the exciting opportunities within America’s great working class. After all, America was built by many in construction. Her roads, her bridges, her schools, her business buildings, her water systems, her oil refineries, her pulp and paper mills, her automotive plants, her chemical plants, her food plants, her steel mills- all of which were built by men and women in construction. Construction workers are the back bone of this great country.

Next time you see a construction worker, thank them for all that they are doing to contribute to this place we call home, America: Land of the Free, Because of the Brave.

Below is a picture of my oldest brother, Bryant, who passed away. His steadfast love for welding stemmed from one of his real life heroes, my father.


Books in this series:

Welding Santa's Sleigh

It's twenty-five days until Christmas is here!

A young boy awakes to find his father outside welding in the snow. He isn't working on just any project; he’s welding Santa a new sleigh. It's up to three generations of welders to save Christmas! May this book light a spark in your heart, reminding you of both the American dream and the Christmas spirit.

This book is first and foremost dedicated to all the American blue-collar workers, who work daily to make America the great country that she is. I also dedicate this book to my father, my two brothers, my nephew, and the rest of my family who believe in the value of hard work, commitment to excellence, and living out the American dream of entrepreneurship. May this story of 3 generations of welders light a spark in your heart, reminding you of both the American dream and Christmas spirit.

Welding Santa's Sleigh